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[The feed clicks on to a surprising sight; the world bounces a little before it ends. It appears to have been thrown a fair distance and landed against... something. Scrambling after it, Angela snatches the Pokegear up, glowering at it fiercely.]

Alright, that's enough!

[The world blurs again as she shakes it.]

No more messing me around! If you want me here, then keep me here! I've had enough of being dragged around by your whims! Settle down!

[Breathing heavily, she lets it drop, sinking down to flop on the grass. The feed shows her frame, covered from neck to toe in heavy clothing as she stretches out. The grass looks pretty wet but she hardly seems to care. A bit of grass tickles her nose and she sneezes. It's so cold, but she can't be bothered to move. So she simply lies there, her arm over her eyes. Maybe she'll catch cold and die. Maybe not. Maybe it'll be time to disappear again soon.]

It's cold... what day is it, I wonder...?

[It's a credit to her tiredness that she doesn't hear the sound of the angry Pidgey who was disturbed by her pokegear until it's upon her.There is a startled shriek, a blur of feathers and then-



[From the way the girl is sitting up, it's hard to see what she's staring at, until-]


[She'd probably hug it if there wasn't a heavy Pidgey on top of her, looking even more annoyed now. At Álvaro's level, the fight is easy; the Pidgey is rapidly subdued. And then-

-hugging time.

I thought I was alone again... You came all this way?


But what about-
[Aaaand realisation strikes.]

[Snatching up the pokegear again, she stumbles as far away from that tree as possible, holding a squirming cubone in one arm and the gear in the other. Seeing that it's recording anyway, she turns it away from her face a little and speaks hurriedly into it.]

Nobody blew anything up while I was gone, right? Everyone's... alright? Somebody fill me in on the things that's happened recently.

[...oh god it's cold.]
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[Nervous and awkward though she is, Angela knows she needs to speak up. She sounds exhausted.]

Has anyone seen Álvaro?

[Straight to the point, simple and easy as it is.]

Getting out of here is going to be troubling without her. I managed to get all the way to Cherrygrove, but I don't think I can go much further without her. [It was like being back there... Only the monsters were a lot cuter. She can't breathe for a moment, gasping for air before she speaks. It's like the air is trying to suffocate her.]

She'll be crying without me... Ah- Heather? I need to apologise. We were going to go get coffee, and I just... disappeared, right? I'm sorry.

[A voice in the background- "Hey, miss, are you alright?", and a clatter of footsteps as she runs. A voice calls after her, worriedly, but the feed simply ends a second or two later.]
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[For a moment or two, all that can be heard is the sound of a door opening. And shutting. Opening. And shutting. Opening...]

I- I will never, never get over it, Álvaro!

[Angela's voice is faintly surprised. Even though she's been here all this time, it hasn't really occured to her to go peeking into rooms and houses. Most of her time has actually been spent outdoors, on the trails. She's still very nervous aroud people, after all. She's actually going through town and opening every door she can find. You can tell she'd spent too long in Silent Hill, can't you? To be honest, she's still convinced she's actually there and this is just another hallucination instilled by the place.]

All of the doors open. Not a single one with a broken lock.

[Open. Shut. Open-]

Ah-! Uhm, I'm- I'm sorry, ma'am!


[And now there's the sound of running footsteps and a thud. Then, without warning, Angela Orosco giggles. It's quiet and nervous, cut off too soon. But she's giggling.]

Álvaro, what are you doing with that- pass it here! [A faint sound before her voice speaks again, sounding closer.] I, uhm. I'm sorry! I didn't mean for that to be broadcasted. Please don't mind it.

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[Thanks to Heather, Angela has got the idea of annoying the hell out of everyone ever in order to get home. It's something of a suicide attempt. The problem was, how to annoy people enough?]

[People in Cherrygrove might notice a few people gathering in front of a house to stare up at it. It's an ordinary house. A plain, simple one. Except there is someone on the roof. Angela holds the Pokègear in front of her face, speaking into it urgently.]

Listen to me. I- I want whoever's in charge to send me back right now. Or else... or else I'll be trouble for all of you! You'll see! Just watch!

[She sets the Gear down so it's staring down at the ground. In the process, one might notice a bag, just out of sight. It is a large bag. A simple, black bin bag. She hefts it like a particularly strange, out of season and wrongly dressed Santa - perhaps one that had fallen on hard times and gained boobs in the process. Then she delves her hand into it and pulls out - a handful of frilly knickers. She throws them down onto the passerbys.]

You see? I may not be able to hurt you, but-

[Some of you might recognise those knickers. She'd taken them from houses, from laundrylines, from anywhere she could get them. Anyone passing by is going to get pelted with someone's underwear. Possibly their own.]

-I will wage war on you with these panties.

[And somehow, she sounds entirely serious. Cold, even. Her nervousness is gone so suddenly.]

Men try to avoid mention of our nature as women. They flinch from the sight of our panties, calling them filthy and disgusting. That is, when they're not leering after it, trying to get a peek. Doublestandards? But you only like it when it's sexy, right? Well guess what? I've got a bag or two full of women's underwear. Granny pants, sexy lace things and even thongs and you're going to have to face it. That is, unless you want to send me home. You don't think I enjoy doing this to you, do you?

So send me back.

[A shower of lace underthings. There may be a bra in that one. The cubone dances at her feet, waving its bone around happily. The feed cuts off, but she will continue to throw her weapons at passersby.]

(So yeah, Angela is throwing knickers at people to try to annoy them enough to get sent home. Enjoy. Also be wary, some of them she just kind of... picked up. THERE MAY BE HOLES IN SOME OF THEM. Ahem. Be glad she didn't decide on feminine products.)
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...It keeps crying.

[The voice is quiet and halting. Angela speaks slowly, drawing out her words a little longer than usual. She sounds exhausted.]

This creature... the... the file says it's crying for its Momma. Is there... something I can do? I can't sleep.

[Not that she wants to. Sleeping means dreaming and even if the fire's gone and he's gone that doesn't mean her mind will let them be gone. She draws in a slow sigh. In the background, the pitiful melody of the Cubone echoes.]

[It switches to video suddenly, showing nothing of its owner, but focusing on the crying Cubone.]

It's this thing. The file called it a... Cubone.

[A pause.]

Is anyone even out there?
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Warning! Angela is very skittish around men and more prone to being sarcastic and mood-swing-ish around them. This can range from beration to crying and running away. So if you're playing a dude, please take this into consideration! That's not a request for men not to tag her, just a warning that she will be unpredictable.
Warning #2!! Silent Hill and Angela in general contain some very squicky elements. Angela's background involves rape, abuse, incest, suicide and a small multitude of other issues. If you have triggers related to these events, please either PM me to ask me to avoid it in your tags (and list your characters) or avoid tagging her. It is unlikely that it will come up unless you get particularly close to her, but I'd rather not upset anyone.

On to the permissions!


► Backtagging is always love. You are always welcome to tag in late to my posts. On the flip side, if it's been more than a week since I tagged and you want to continue a thread, ping me.
► Threadhopping is a-ok as long as the thread is not private or immensely serious. If it is, please ask all other participants first.
► Fourthwalling would preferably be avoided from both ends.


► Hugging is a-ok! However, see above note about men. If a woman tries to hug her, she will likely be very confused, embarassed and a little flaily but not mind it too much is it's portrayed as a comforting thing. If a man does? Yeah, expect violence and running.
► Kissing is permitted, but Angela will not approve. So only attempt this if you're willing to confront mocking, crying and freaking out.
► As to flirting, go right ahead. It might result in a lot of sarcasm but she'll be less brittle over the network.
► On to fighting! Angela is more prone to running than fighting, unfortunately; you attack her, and she'll either flee, panic or throw the nearest heavy object that she can lift at you. As to Pokemon battles, she'll be alright with that.
► Please ask before injuring Angela. Anything less than "severe" will likely be permitted but I'd rather you confirmed it with me first.
► Torture and Rape are not permitted, and sex in general is a "no" right now. Angela's messed up enough from it.
► Killing is... again, I'd prefer it didn't happen just now.


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